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Color Manager Support

Expand/Collapse Category : Automatchic 3 ‎(3)
All_Automatchic3_FTDI_drivers.zipAll_Automatchic3_FTDI_driversAll Automatchic3 FTDI drivers pack8308 KB
Automatchic BYKSync 1.24 Installer.zipAutomatchic BYKSync 1.24 InstallerAutomatchic BYKSync 1.24 Installer (ONLY to update from 1.20)30790 KB
Automatchic BYKSync 1.28 Installer.zipAutomatchic BYKSync 1.28 InstallerAutomatchic BYKSync 1.28 Installer 32 and 64 bits30707 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Automatchic Vision ‎(6)
Automatchic Vision Short Operation Manual.pdfAutomatchic Vision Short Operation ManualAutomatchic Vision Short Operation Manual (EN)222 KB
Automatchic Vision User Manual.pdfAutomatchic Vision User ManualAutomatchic Vision User Manual (EN)1580 KB
Automatchic Vision_Trouble Shooting 12_2019.pdfAutomatchic Vision_Trouble Shooting 12_2019Trouble Shooting – Short Instructions537 KB
AutomatchicVision_Firmware_Updater_v20422546.zipAutomatchicVision_Firmware_Updater_v20422546Automatchic Vision Firmware Updater v204225461486 KB
AutomatchicVision_USB_Driver_admin_v3.zipAutomatchicVision_USB_Driver_admin_v3AutomatchicVision Driver 32 and 64 bits14806 KB
BykSetDateTime_v1.zipBykSetDateTime_v1Sets AMV date/time to connected PC date/time992 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Automatchic Vision 2 ‎(2)
AutomatchicVision2_Firmware_Updater_v11026256.zipAutomatchicVision2_Firmware_Updater_v11026256Automatchic Vision 2 Firmware Updater v110262561816 KB
AutomatchicVision2_USB_Driver_admin_v3.zipAutomatchicVision2_USB_Driver_admin_v3AutomatchicVision2 Driver 32 and 64 bits14806 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Backup ‎(6)
Backup_UserData_and_AMOwnColorBank_to_C_Temp.zipBackup_UserData_and_AMOwnColorBank_to_C_TempScript that makes UserData & AMOwnColorBank backup to C:\Temp1 KB
BootIt.zipBootItHow to switch Fixed USB Key to Removable USB Key429 KB
CM_Backup.zipCM_BackupProgramm zur Datensicherung DACH62 KB
Color_Manager_Daily_Backup_C_Task2 explanation.pdfColor_Manager_Daily_Backup_C_Task2 explanationExplanation on Color_Manager_Daily_Backup_C_Task2 file usage199 KB
Color_Manager_Daily_Backup_C_Task2.zipColor_Manager_Daily_Backup_C_Task2Use Windows Task Scheduler to run this backup task once per day69 KB
neue SQL-DOS-Datensicherung statt BoS.PDFneue SQL-DOS-Datensicherung statt BoSAnleitung für neue SQL-DOS-Datensicherung404 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Color conversion ‎(2)
Convert_AWMM_to_AW20.zipConvert_AWMM_to_AW20Conversion program to convert AWMM own colors to AW2.0 own colors. (Solids)8 KB
Convert_LWMM_to_LWGT.zipConvert_LWMM_to_LWGTConversion program to convert Lesonal WBMM own colors to Lesonal WBGT own colors. (Solids)8 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Colormatchic Setup Formulas ‎(2)
Colormatchic Setup MIX 16 toner_Candy_SEC.OwnColorColormatchic Setup MIX 16 toner_Candy_SECDACH: 16 Candy/SEC toners27 KB
Colormatchic Setup MIX 64 toner.OwnColorColormatchic Setup MIX 64 tonerDACH: 64 regular toners99 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Hotfixes ‎(2)
DB-MB-conversion_v1.zipDB-MB-conversion_v1Tool makes backup and changes DB* Akzocodes to MB* Akzocodes56 KB
RecreateShortcuts.zipRecreateShortcutsRecreate desktop shortcuts on Windows61 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Installers ‎(5)
ColorManagerAssimaSet.htmlColorManagerAssimaSetHelp-FAQs content (Assima) for CM shared folder1 KB
dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.zipdotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.Net 4 installer (mandatory for Color Manager R3 version)49179 KB
ndp472-kb4054530-x86-x64-allos-enu.htmlndp472-kb4054530-x86-x64-allos-enu.Net 4.7.2 installer1 KB
SqlServerExpress2008R2.htmlSqlServerExpress2008R2Sql Server Express 2008 R21 KB
WSInstall_5400.zipWSInstall_5400Client install set version KB
Expand/Collapse Category : MixitLink ‎(4)
MixItLink download 120000.htmlMixItLink download 120000MixitLink version KB
MixItLink_1.1_Installation_UserManual.pdfMixItLink_1.1_Installation_UserManualMixitLink User Manual880 KB
MixItLink_1.1_TechnicalDocumentation.pdfMixItLink_1.1_TechnicalDocumentationMixitLink Technical Documentation1019 KB
MixitLink_known_issues_v102.pdfMixitLink_known_issues_v102MixitLink known issues v1.0210 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Sartorius ‎(5)
Driver_PMA.Evolution_PMA.HD_112016_v2.12.16.zipDriver_PMA.Evolution_PMA.HD_112016_v2.12.16Drivers for Satrorius PMA-Evolution scale2101 KB
Driver_PMA.Quality_USB_112016_v2.12.16.zipDriver_PMA.Quality_USB_112016_v2.12.16Drivers for Satrorius PMA7501 USB scale2101 KB
Manual_PMA_VISION_VIS1X_WEV6005dr.pdfManual_PMA_VISION_VIS1X_WEV6005drUser Manual for PMA Vision scale2652 KB
PMA_Vision_Connection_and_Quick_Reference.pdfPMA_Vision_Connection_and_Quick_ReferenceQuick Reference for PMA Vision scale connection & setup595 KB
PMA_Vision_Set_Up_Existing_Computers.pdfPMA_Vision_Set_Up_Existing_ComputersSetting up existing computers to use PMA Vision scale279 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Scripts ‎(7)
Detect Color Manager version.zipDetect Color Manager versionScript detects installed Color Manager version.1 KB
Detect InstallData folder.zipDetect InstallData folderScript detects and opens InstallData folder.1 KB
DisableWin10.zipDisableWin10This script prevents upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 101 KB
Register old database 32bits.zipRegister old database 32bitsChange registry to old database to force sync (32 bits)1 KB
Register old database 64bits.zipRegister old database 64bitsChange registry to old database to force sync (64 bits)1 KB
SpectrophotometerType.zipSpectrophotometerTypeScript corrects greyed-out Spectrophotometer selection in CM1 KB
USB interfering devices registry fix.zipUSB interfering devices registry fixRegistry entry that fixes USB devices interfering with each other1 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Support ‎(2)
Obtaining Color Manager install set.pdfObtaining Color Manager install setObtaining Color Manager install set (The guide)162 KB
Send files to AkzoNobel.htmlSend files to AkzoNobelSend your files to AkzoNobel via PipelineX1 KB
Expand/Collapse Category : Tools ‎(5)
GHS Stock Update Tool_11.pdfGHS Stock Update Tool_11Instructions and information about GHS Stock Update Tool46 KB
GHS_Stock_Update_Tool_6_Europe_Multi_to_One_v8.zipGHS_Stock_Update_Tool_6_Europe_Multi_to_One_v8GHS Stock Update Tool 6 (v8) (Europe) Multi to One399 KB
Repair Tool automatically re-installs Color Manager.pdfRepair Tool automatically re-installs Color ManagerInstructions and information about Repair Tool145 KB
Repair_SQL2008.zipRepair_SQL2008For SQL2008: this tool makes backup, uninstalls and installs back Color Manager.153 KB
Repair_SQL2014.zipRepair_SQL2014For SQL2014: this tool makes backup, uninstalls and installs back Color Manager.151 KB

Color Manager QuickSupport

TeamViewerQS_12.zipTeamViewerQS_12.zip11467 KB
TeamViewerQS_15.zipTeamViewerQS_15.zip20950 KB

Link Manager

Configuring Link Manager to work with Mitchell Repair Center.docxConfiguring Link Manager to work with Mitchell Repair Center20 KB
LinkManager 1.0.41.zipLinkManager 1.0.414854 KB

Color Manager Configuration Manual

Change login settings_da-DK.pdfChange login settings_da-DK108 KB
Change login settings_de-DE.pdfChange login settings_de-DE108 KB
Change login settings_el-GR.pdfChange login settings_el-GR123 KB
Change login settings_en-US.pdfChange login settings_en-US107 KB
Change login settings_es-ES.pdfChange login settings_es-ES108 KB
Change login settings_fi-FI.pdfChange login settings_fi-FI108 KB
Change login settings_fr-FR.pdfChange login settings_fr-FR108 KB
Change login settings_hi-IN.pdfChange login settings_hi-IN177 KB
Change login settings_hu-HU.pdfChange login settings_hu-HU117 KB
Change login settings_it-IT.pdfChange login settings_it-IT107 KB
Change login settings_ja-JP.pdfChange login settings_ja-JP137 KB
Change login settings_ko-KR.pdfChange login settings_ko-KR162 KB
Change login settings_nl-NL.pdfChange login settings_nl-NL107 KB
Change login settings_nn-NO.pdfChange login settings_nn-NO108 KB
Change login settings_pl-PL.pdfChange login settings_pl-PL121 KB
Change login settings_pt-PT.pdfChange login settings_pt-PT108 KB
Change login settings_ru-RU.pdfChange login settings_ru-RU127 KB
Change login settings_sv-SE.pdfChange login settings_sv-SE108 KB
Change login settings_th-TH.pdfChange login settings_th-TH126 KB
Change login settings_tr-TR.pdfChange login settings_tr-TR122 KB
Change login settings_zh-CN.pdfChange login settings_zh-CN132 KB

Color Manager Download Center (CSP)

Expand/Collapse SBU : APAC ‎(6)

​APAC & North Asia

​This is New PreInstaller Installer

​North Asia Market

​Database for China Market GBLink of CMM update


Database for ​India & Sri Lanka Market GBCMM update


​Database for Indonesia Market 5 GBlink of CMM Indonesia update

Thailand & Export Region Market

​Database for Thailand & Export Region Market GBLink of CMM update Thailand & Export Region

​Japan Market

​Database for Japan Market

CMM update GBCMM update
Expand/Collapse SBU : EMEA ‎(4)


​​Installer for new installations
Installer de nouvelles installation

5.8 20240603_CRAM All995 (n)2.79 GB>>>


​Update for existing installations
Mise à jour pour les installations existantes​​

5.8 20240603_CRAM All995 (u)1.71 GB>>>


​​​Installer for new installations​

5.8 20240603_EU All995 (n)2.97 GB>>>


​Update for existing installations​

5.8 20240603_EU All995 (u)1.82 GB>>>

Legacy Mixit

Expand/Collapse SBU : EMEA ‎(5)

​Africa &
Middle East

​Mixit2 Multibranded

CRAM0216307 MB>>>

​​Central &


EEPC0216426 MB>>>



EWLS0216263 MB>>>


​Mixit2 Multibranded

EWPC0216332 MB>>>


​Mixit2 Sikkens

EWSK0216283 MB>>>

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