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Link Manager

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Link Manager
We’d like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with IT systems by linking them together with AkzoNobel’s Link Manager.

Link Manager is based on a scenario where estimates for a body shop repair are made and communicated with a work provider or insurance company. These estimates are usually made using an estimating system (EMS) and/or body shop management (BMS) or invoicing system. Once approved the estimate is converted to a repair order and is taken to a computer running our paint management system Color Manager (Sikkens Mixit Pro/ Lesonal QuickMix). The paint and vehicle information is re-keyed in for paint mixing purposes. After a paint mix is completed the paint information is usually taken back to a body shop management system, estimating system or invoicing system and again manually entered.

Modern technology offers the opportunity to link systems together and automatically transfer data from the EMS or BMS system to Color Manager and back using the work order or repair order number as the linking key. Link Manager does exactly that: it links software systems together and transfers the data that matters to our customers for their daily work, preventing entering the same data multiple times.

The advantages from automatic data transfers from the estimating or body shop management system to the A&AC Color Manager paint management system are twofold:
1. It saves time, resulting in bottom line efficient process and money savings
2. It improves quality of data and reduces errors in the data entry process

Contact your local Akzo Nobel representative today to see if your system is currently available.
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